Crosshole Sonic Logging

Atlantic Bridge, Colon, Panama

A new set of locks is being installed along the Panama Canal. These locks will double the capacity of Panama Canal and allow 1,200 foot long ships to pass across the isthmus. As part of this expansion, a new bridge was required on the Atlantic side entrance of the Canal. The bridge will be the largest cable-stayed concrete bridge in the world and will allow for unimpeded flow of traffic from Colon to areas west of the canal. Four hundred drilled shaft foundations will provide structural support for the bridge. The foundations range in length from 20 to 55 meters and 20 to 55 meters in length and 1.5 to 2.5 meters in width. 


GeoView was chosen to test the integrity of the bridge's concrete foundations using crosshole sonic logging (CSL). The CSL data is being acquired with an Olson Sonic Crosshole Logging system in accordance with relevant ASTM-D6760-08 standards. The testing is being conducted over an estimated period of 16 months. The CSL tests are being peformed across 4 to 8 iron test tubes that are attached to the interior of the shaft's rebar cages. The tests provide a continous graphical output of the concrete's velocity versus depth. Despite diffictult field conditions, GeoView and our partner, ATI Panamericana, have been able to provide accruate and timely test results.


CSL Log Showing a Suspected Defect in the Concrete Shaft

Single Lane Bridge Across the Gatun Locks, Panama

Current Single Lane Bridge Across the Canal